General Description of operation


Hogshead Brewery and Tap Room has been designed and developed to provide a variety of beers with an emphasis on English ales in a warm and inviting atmosphere with a neighborhood friendly feel.


The Slo-Hi location was developed to allow a local clientele, as well as beer aficionados and lovers of good times a central spot in Denver to enjoy a proper pint and have a chat. We will always have three to four great beers on tap via CO2 pressurized kegs and plan to maintain properly conditioned Real Ale from naturally carbonated casks served from beer engines for those that enjoy this traditional British libation.


The brewing system and associated cellar has been custom designed with an integrated control system, that allow the brewer to process from one to ten barrels in a batch process and ferment in temperature controlled Stainless Steel vessels. Each of the beers have been formulated from carefully selected malted barley, treated water, multiple varieties of hops, and a specific yeast strain to produce the flavor, mouth-feel, alcohol content, aroma and bitterness, as well as the complex flavor profile according to the time and temperature recipe intended by the brewer. In addition to the attention to detail required for consistent and repeatable brews the brewmaster and support personnel follow a disciplined regiment of cleaning manually, and automatically with Clean-In-Place Systems (CIP) to exclude off-flavors, contaminants, and other undesirables in our beers. Every beer we serve has been naturally processed without the assistance of filtration which is why we are intensely focused on the highest quality ingredients, temperature controls, and finish aging to serve a quality product that we hope you enjoy as much as we do. The main components in our brewery include:


2 HP Grain Mill, 1.5 Cubic Yard SS Grist Case, and 40’ auger system to deliver cracked grain to the inlet of the Mash Tun 10-Barrel Brew Skid: 350 gallon Mash Tun, 350 gallon Brew Kettle, and a 700 gallon Hot Liquor Tank, Hot Liquor Pump, Wort Pump, Modular Plate and Frame Heat Exchanger with Stainless Steel Plates, 1-Barrel Brew Skid: 40 gallon Mash Tun, 50 Gallon Brew Kettle, 40 Gallon Hot Liquor Tank with Internal SS coil for multiple Induction temperature control, and (3) 1/3 HP pumps Cellar (3) 10-Barrel Fermenters with cone bottoms and two zone glycol jackets, insulation and fittings, racking arm and CIP spray ball, (3) 10-barrel Brite Tanks with two zone glycol jackets, insulation and fittings, racking arm and CIP spray ball, (2) 1-Barrel Fermenters Temperature Management 10 HP Glycol Refrigeration system that provides 27 degree Anti-Freeze to chill the Keg room, Cask room, the (3) Fermenters, (3) Brite Tanks, as well as the Brew-Skid Heat Exchanger Beer Delivery


The Keg Room is maintained at 38 degrees for all standard tap beers with glycol circulated lines to the serving tower for optimum flow and temperature control. The Cask Room is maintained at 50 degrees for the beer engine pumped beers from the Firkins to serve our cask-conditioned Ales in the traditional manner.


The Nonic shape of the containers (bump glasses) facilitates the aroma, taste, and mouth feel of our beers to optimize your drinking pleasure. We offer 10 oz. half pints, 16 oz. pints, and 20 oz. Proper Pints of our English Bitters, and may have an occasional high gravity beer served in a tulip glass for specialty presentation. We encourage you to enjoy the nose of our beers in addition to the complex flavors. In addition you may notice the beer flavors changes and we think improves as you consume it from the fill line to a few fingers from the bottom of the glass. If we do our job well you will need to order another as you reach that final swig.


We repurposed a 1950’s gas station not only because the site, building size and location are ideal for a neighborhood brewery, but also because it is the green thing to do. Parking for our patrons should have minimal impact on the surrounding business and residents as we have (16) spaces on the property. The car repair double bay floors have been replaced with sloped concrete to strategically positioned drains and coated with epoxy sealants to withstand the temperature extremes and cleaning supplies associated with the brewing process. The Keg and Cask Rooms are positioned beside the serving bar to maintain optimum beer temperature in our glass barware. The bar area and seating around banquette tables have been designed to encourage discussions with friends and hopefully new acquaintances you meet in our tap room and garden area. We are licensed as a Brewery and Tap Room to allow a pet friendly environment and encourage you to bring food, order from our recommended local delivery services, or grab a snack from the food trucks we will contract for different days and evenings. The patio will be developed in late Summer to take advantage of the great weather in Denver year round. Like the tasting room the patio will feature community seating and private areas to encourage great conversation. The garage doors from the brewery will be opened when appropriate to facilitate easy movement to the bar for another round.

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